Unlike large consulting firms, you get a personal touch and response with Bilka Consulting. 

A little backstory…

As a child, before I could read and identify my own name, at social events my parents would write my name on a cup and put a flower at the end so I knew it was mine.   As I got a bit older and started to spell my own name, I would write….

J i l l

Although I’m all grown up now and know how to spell my name without a flower, it has stuck with me throughout my life.  Only fitting to carry this image through to my business as I work to help people identify what they want for their organization and how they can grow.


My Business Background

With a degree in Psychology, my career path started in social work and mental health services until in 2005 I rerouted into Marketing/Communications. Along this path, I have always had an interest and passion for helping others. Whether it’s providing resources to organizations to open the conversation on mental wellness, helping small businesses grow through effective communication and efficient operations, or working to help advance the mission of organizations and causes; I care deeply about achieving goals and seeing programs, projects, and people succeed.

What To Expect

When working with Bilka Consulting, these are some of the things you should expect:

  • Integrity – As a client, you can always expect honest and forthright communication with a high standard for meeting expectations, goals, and timelines.
  • Initiative – Planning and organizing ensures the details of projects don’t get missed and everything works as expected. Part of this includes professional communication and follow-through. When working with Bilka Consulting you’ll find a great sense of freedom in knowing that the job will be completed efficiently & effectively without micro-managing.
  • Innovation – Thinking creatively and finding those “outside of the box” solutions is something that Bilka Consulting can help you with. I offer an outside perspective, which leads to new ideas and solutions providing a path to reach your business goals.