The type of rate for services I can offer depends on your needs, and a quick conversation can help point us in the right direction.  These are the most typical ways I work with my clients:


One on One Consultation Session

Ask me questions related to your online communications, your website, upcoming event, membership program, community outreach, social media communications, or just about anything to do with your business.  Simply send me a bunch of the questions or challenges you would like to work through.  We will then meet and discuss and you’ll leave with plenty of ideas to create a plan for success.  This can be over the phone or in-person depending on where you are located (in person must be within 30 minutes of Dundee, OR). 


Monthly Support

This option is usually best for clients requiring a variety of work on an ongoing basis. This would give you ultimate flexibility in the types of work you can utilize services for. With Bilka Consulting on retainer, you control the budget being spent on contract work as it is a set monthly retainer fee. 


Special Events/Project

If you have a short-term project or event you need some help with, I can do that!  We’d start with an initial consultation to discuss the project needs and make sure we’re a good fit.  Then, you would receive a detailed proposal for the project with an agreed upon set of services and the number of hours that I will provide. This can work well for short-term or smaller projects. Examples might be: event support, website analysis, fundraiser management, or social media set-up. We’d work together to assess your needs and give an expectation of your budget going into a project.

Request a project bid