Jill is nothing other than exceptional. We work together within a NonProfit Soccer Club where she is the Communications Coordinator. The role/title does not accurately represent the key leader she is within the club. Truly, without Jill joining to support and organize the club, we collectively would be stumbling. But with her involvement the club is seeing great growth and improvement. Thank you Jill!

David Rath, CEO at Precision

It was a blessing to work with Jill (a second time!!) this past year. Big goals, lots of moving parts, and not enough staff… Jill was able to quickly grasp the big picture and end goal, kept to all her deadlines, and even was able to (gently) keep me on track with my deadlines as well!

I’m not sure we’d have finished as successfully as we did without her engagement.

Holly Chaimov, Parkinson's Resources of Oregon

I have had the distinct privilege of working with Jill. She manages to juggle many priorities simultaneously and does so in an even-handed manner. She knows how to set priorities and focus on very detailed work. She provides excellent customer service, is hardworking and very helpful. She is a great team member!

Pamela Ruona

Jill is one of the most positive and effective business partners I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She worked with me to develop marketing collateral and messaging for me as our organization all worked to enhance the quality of care and professional opportunities for individuals in Oregon’s long-term care facilities. She is a problem solver, thinks of creative ways to reach out to different constituencies, is a great team player, and always working to achieve the organizations goals. Working with her was an absolute delight and I would welcome any opportunity to partner with her in the future. Any organization looking for a problem-solving, highly skilled, and motivated consultant would be smart in choosing Jill Bilka to join their organization.

Meredith Price

I would highly recommend Jill Bilka for any consulting project. She is extremely professional and highly organized. She works hard to get the job done and always with a smile on her face!

Josie San Diego-Bowman, Career Coach

Jill is an amazing person to work with. She provided clear instruction and made my transition into new tasks easy with her understandable templates and strong communication coordination. She made a huge contribution to our company and I would work with Jill again in a heartbeat.

Janienne Alexander, Oregon Health Care Association

Jill has amazing skills, her attention to detail and organization are exemplary. Jill is creative and personable; a pleasure to work with and be around. I would highly recommend her.

Therese Lambert - Marketing Director

Jill is great! She is very detailed oriented and highly organized. I have worked with Jill on various committees and she always conducts herself in a very professional manner. She is a dedicated worker and is always contributing 100% to whatever assignment she is given. She would be an asset to any organization.

Kevin Call - Adeo In Home Care

Jill is a pure pleasure to work with. Whenever I have a question, and or a need she is very timely in her response and with the knowledge that I am looking for. Working in a business partnership with Jill has been very beneficial to our company, and once again has been a pure pleasure.

Mark Teague, Columbia Roofing

I have had the privilege of working with Jill Bilka for many years and have always been impressed with her many skills. Jill has the ability to blend her very enjoyable personality with a very powerful and professional work ethic.

Stan Magleby - Pinnacle Quality Insight

Jill is bright, hard working, independent, dependable, responsible, confident, focused and motivated.

I was one of Jill’s professors back at WOU, where she was one of our university’s top students. Jill and I also worked together offering memory enhancement classes for older adults. Since that time Jill has continued to gain other valuable experiences in her career and shown great success at any endeavor.
All of Jill’s professional accomplishments do not capture her strongest asset –her personality. She is truly a pleasure to work with and be around. In my opinion, emotional intelligence is an undervalued aspect of professionals, and the key to success. Jill is friendly, confident, empathetic, strong, and resourceful. These traits further ensure her future success.

I highly recommend Jill Bilka to you and your organization.

Robert Winningham, Western Oregon University

Jill is extremely organized, detail oriented, and has amazing follow through. She organized and executed many events and conferences for a not for profit organization, and always paid attention to the smallest detail to make the event successful. Her ability to connect personally with the many (and I mean many) folks that she comes in contact with is uncanny. If I were in a position to hire a marketing specialist/manager/communicator, she would be top of the list.

Debbie Davis - Providence ElderPlace

Jill Bilka has consistently shown the highest standard of professionalism in every area I have worked with her. Her time and dedication while volunteering as a board member for Metropolitan Senior Network showed her to be prompt, prepared and ready to go above and beyond the norm to facilitate events, deadlines and special projects. Jill has great energy and a cheerful demeanor.. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work with her, and look forward to working with her again.

Meredyth Crofton

Jill was an absolute pleasure to work with on a recent website project. She was very clear as to what she needed out of the website and worked with me every step of the way from concept, design, build-out and launch. She was also a very quick study to the administration of the website. I would highly recommend Jill for any needs you might have!


Christian Halsell - consultant

I’ve worked with Jill on various projects and have consistently found her to be analytical, professional, and well organized. She is a clear writer and brings to web and print projects a strong sense of design. In addition, Jill is both upbeat and unflappable in the way she approaches projects and works with colleagues.

Dennis Kenny - Illuminage Communication Partners

I have known and worked with Jill for many years. Jill is a true asset to any business looking to improve their revenue and online integrity. Jill can take you from a place of confusion and uncertainty to a place of growth and clarity. If anyone would like their business elevated to a higher standard I would highly recommend that you contact Jill and let her show you what she is capable of doing for you.

Michael Carlson - Portland Badge Company

I have had the pleasure of working with Jill for many years. She has so many great qualities. Jill is the best task master. Her organizational skills are above most others–keeping everyone she is working with on task. She looks outside the box to make sure that all bases are covered before moving on, thinking of things that others may have forgotten. Jill is a wonderful person, friend and mother. I would recommend Jill’s services to anyone looking to accomplish any task!

Karri Bolman - Metro West Ambulance

Jill is a wonderful person with incredible talent. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in varying capacities. Whether she’s volunteering with the Oregon Alzheimer’s Association or driving a project forward as a consultant, she’s passionate, reliable and effective. But wait, there’s more… she’s also great to be around! I fervently recommend Jill as she has proven to be an asset on several occasions.

Angus Brown - Strategist, Thought Leader, Partnership Creator

Jill is working with our team at Retirement Connection to help us better ”connect the dots” between several systems. She is helping to make our team more efficient, more effective and more collaborative. We are touching each task less times and are becoming more creative in our approach to daily tasks. Whoever said- the devil is in the details, has never met Jill. She is an Angel- and details are her business. She is professional, accountable, reliable, and very easy to work with. I feel lucky to have her as a consultant. The only draw back to Jill- there is just one of her.

Amy Schmidt, Retirement Connection

I first crossed paths with Jill a couple years into the beginning of Hike it Baby and found her to be a great asset to the organization both creatively and as a sounding board on serious communication topics we were dealing with as a young non-profit. Not only did she jump in to manage a Branch in her local community and helped it to thrive, but she also stepped up to help at the National level whenever she could. When special projects came up, Jill was one of the ambassadors (we have over 600 nationwide) I would go to for insight and advice whether it be for our new website launch, developing our membership program, or to be a sounding board on important communication pieces. Jill has a great understanding for marketing, a level head for professional communication, and creative ideas to get people involved and connected in their community. I can’t speak highly enough about her and my experience working and walking alongside her. She’s reliable, a creative thinker and an asset to our team, so I know she would be an excellent addition to yours.

Shanti Hodges - Hike it Baby Founder
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